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Following are the policies of The Ribbon Lady, the owner of the trademark “The Ribbon Lady” and the owner and operator of this Web Site. Please read them carefully. These policies will govern the relationship between Creative Organization, Inc. and its customers, and each party placing an order for merchandise presented will be deemed to have agreed to and accepted such policies as controlling in all respects.


All information provided to Creative Organization, Inc. by customers will be held in the strictest confidence, and Creative Organization, Inc. has taken all such steps it deems reasonable, necessary or appropriate to protect against improper or unauthorized access thereto. In no event will any such information so provided be sold or otherwise used by Creative Organization, Inc. for any purpose other than as may be directly related to the conduct of business between Creative Organization, Inc. and such customer.


Payment for merchandise purchased may be accomplished through the use of an accepted credit card, or by cashier’s or personal check. If payment is by credit card, the customer’s credit card account will be charged promptly upon shipment of the order. If payment is by bank check, Creative Organization, Inc. will defer shipment until that check has cleared.

Credit Card Safety:

All reasonable steps will be taken to protect a customer’s credit card account from unauthorized use.


Customers will be responsible for all shipping and handling charges, and these charges will be calculated and added to the customer’s invoice. In the event that no shipping and handling charges appear on the shopping cart confirmation statement, this means that the amount could not be calculated through the automatic online system, thus they will be calculated and debited to your credit card manually. All shipping and handling charges outside the continuous 48 United States will be calculated manually and added to your bill accordingly. Shipments may be insured, and if so, damage occurring during the shipment of merchandise to a customer will be the responsibility of the carrier. Orders outside of the Unites States will be paid by certified check or money order only. Creative Organization, Inc. will defer shipment until that check has cleared. For shipping outside the US we reserve the right to accept or decline requests for international orders.


Creative Organization, Inc.’s only express warranty with respect to merchandise offered is that such merchandise is as represented, and all other warranties are expressly denied.

Returns and Refunds:

We want you to be happy with your purchase and enjoy shopping on our Web Site. If there are any problems, please contact us.

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